Enroller Opportunities

Welcome to the Enroller Resource Center. This is a website built by enrollers for enrollers. We invite you to begin by viewing our video message on the left side of this page. Over the years the demand for enrollers has increased as more carriers/enrollment firms/brokers/consultants have begun using contract enrollers. Why is this? In two words, Travel Cost.  While the demand for enrollers is high, they can find themselves very busy in the Fall and not very busy in the Spring.  We are trying to correct this.
By signing up on this website, you will get the necessary exposure to companies looking for enrollers with your skills and in your part of the country. ALL YEAR, 24/7. We have built this website with you in mind. We offer many things here in one place to help you find more work and to help you do it better. Some of these items include: travel discounts and travel items, self-improvement materials (public speaking and books), business cards, online profile to help promote yourself, blogging, E&O program, electronic notification (emails and/or SMS text) of upcoming work. Some of these items are free and some are through a yearly subscription (after all booth space at conferences and trade publication ad space to promote our network costs a considerable amount of money). We also offer you an opportunity to make considerable commissions (especially on enroller generated new business) on cases that you create.  ERC has a unique distribution channel and as a member you can take advantage of this nationwide system while making 100% commission on all of the business you sell and a percentage on what sells nationally (may require your being licensed)!!!  Are you a veteran enroller?  Maybe you would like to write a 'How To...' article and share advice with newbies in the business.  If so, we can publish your article (or sell your tapes/videos in the website Enroller Tools section) in the ERC newsletter or Blog. 
The first step is to complete the form by clicking the Enroller Profile Form button below and don't forget to sign up for the newsletter before leaving.