Advantages of Subscribing

Without Subscription: 

  • Entered into database and called whenever a need exists for someone in your part of the country with your work history and skills.
  • Shopping with online feature.
  • General newsletters and surveys.

With Subscription (only $75.00/year):



ERC has fought since 2002 for better pay and better work conditions for all enrollers. We were started BY enrollers FOR enrollers. The intent was to be a “resource” for enrollers as well as those needing enrollers. It started as a simple mission to share valuable information between enrollers through a newsletter. Nothing was charged for years for the newsletter as it continued to grow to a little over 200 people. In those early years we had no software to help us manage what we had. VSP (Vision Service Plan) was our first customer who needed a network built. After that many new carriers came and asked us for staffing (Hartford, Aetna, Cigna, Prudential, Metlife, Assurant/Sun Life, Arag Legal, ID Watchdog, Allstate, Pan-American Life, Liberty Mutual, and more!). This growth added overhead and created need for more advanced software systems that we created and built. In the near future we will be rolling out some even more impressive systems including text alerts. We now stand at over 2750 enrollers (US and Puerto Rico) and partner every two years with Eastbridge Consulting (Avon, CT) on the only national Enroller Survey. This important work drives much of the compensation and work conditions in the country. We are proud of the initiatives we have started for our membership and continually strive to get better. The work we all do is important to families across the US.


  • First right of refusal-Entered into database and contacted whenever a need exists for someone in your part of the country with your work history and skills.  “All things being equal” you would be called first before others in your community.  We feel this is a fair business practice as the industry software development and applications we have pioneered warrants this protocol. 
  • Shopping with online feature.
  • Special Subscriber Newsletter alerts of upcoming enroller opportunities along with general newsletter.
  • First to learn about agency opportunities.  (ERC is working toward creating direct selling opportunities between you and groups/consumers in YOUR area of the country). 
  • “Refer 3” and get your free offer (once you refer three enrollers who subscribe, you get 12 months free!).  Tracked on Profile sheet.  
  • SMS text messaging directly to your cell phone of upcoming needs. (Optional at enroller request)
  • First to be called from Conference generated work (due to cost of having booth space).
  • Online documents to help you to avoid trouble when accepting assignments (important questions to ask before accepting work, etc).
  • Access to Members Only Section of the website.