Enrollment Firms

How ERC can help you staff your events

As an employer, ERC may be able to provide temporary staffing to do your benefit communications or to attend your next benefit health fair. The reasons you may consider using ERC are many; maybe you have locations all across the country and it is impractical for you to travel to them all, or the topic may be new to you (like Long Term Care insurance) and you would like a specialist to explain the concept to your employees, or maybe you are looking for a new voluntary benefit to add to your existing benefits package. Voluntary plans are typically 100% employee paid, but do not have to be.  For example, many employers these days are considering core plans where the employer pays for a smaller 'core' benefit and then the employee can add to it (popular with disability and Long Term Care insurances).


Some examples of new voluntary benefits are:

  • Life (Term, Interest sensitive whole life, Universal life) and Disability plans
  • Cancer
  • Long Term Care insurance (Core plans or true voluntary)
  • Critical illness
  • Pre-paid legal
  • Vision

We have the ability to shop among our many carriers to find you just the right products for your employees' needs. Importantly, after we find the products we can successfully communicate to the employees and conduct the enrollments. We have the ability to video tape the meetings so the same message can be given to all future new hires. Currently with 2400 contract enrollers, it’s very likely we can staff your event very economically with someone in your city. These individuals can be paid on a per diem or commission basis. Please let us know if you would like a list of our clients. To get started please complete and submit the form below.